Welcome to TON node dumps bakery

This repository contains periodic archives of TON Full Node database that should help you to quickly bootstrap the node without waiting for complete sync that can take days. Dumps are provided as tar archives compressed with plzip


  1. Download latest mainnet, latest mainnet 3 month or latest testnet dumps
  2. Stop validator service, rename your db path (/var/ton-work/db in case of mytonctrl based install)
  3. Extract downloaded archive into new and empty db path
  4. Copy config.json and keyring from old db path into new one
  5. Make sure that db path and everything under it belongs to validator user and group
  6. If you have downloaded 3 month dump, make sure your node is started with following data retention parameters:
    --state-ttl 7776000 --archive-ttl 7776000 --block-ttl 7776000
  7. Start validator service
  8. Observe logs and wait, node should sync itself within two hours
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